Saturday, January 31, 2009

I dreamed this dream and I still dream of it

I dreamed this dream and I still dream of it

and I will dream of it sometime again.

Everything repeats itself and everything will be reincarnated,

and my dreams will be your dreams.

There, to one side of us, to one side of the world

wave after wave breaks on the shore:

there's a star on the wave, and a man, and a bird,

reality and dreams and death - wave after wave.

Dates are irrelevant. I was, I am, I will be.

Life is a miracle of miracles, and I kneel

before the miracle alone like an orphan,

alone in the mirrors, enclosed in reflections,

seas and towns, shining brightly through the smoke.

A mother cries and takes her baby on her knee.

Arseny Tarkovsky


Ειναι ερωτευμενος με ενα ζευγαρι
που ειναι ερωτευμενο με αυτο που ηταν στο παρελθον.
Η αναμονη, η διψα πριν την επανενωση.
Τον περιμενε παντα κοκκινη,

Μελετουσε τη μαθηματικη εξαρτηση της ομορφιας με το χρονο.
Τα αποτελεσματα του ηταν τρομακτικα
για ολοκληρο το ανθρωπινο γενος.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Σε χρονο αφηρημενο

Θα πληρωσει για κατι που ηδη του ανηκει.
Αμφιβιος ξανα.
Μεσα σε αμνιακο σακο.

Το προσωπο αλλαζει και παλι.
Μην τρομαζεις.
Οχι εσωτερικα.
Παραμορφωνεται εξωτερικα.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Αδυνατουσε να καταλαβει την ποιηση
τη λογικη, την επιστημη.
Απλα τοποθετουσε λεξεις σε τυχαια σειρα.
Συντομα δε θα τις χρειαζοταν ουτε αυτες.

... να κεντα τον κοσμο ετουτο
... το χωμα μονο εχει εχθρο
... ο ηλιος να μη βγει
... ηταν ψευτικος μπορει
... πως να δικασω μια ζωη

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Reader-Part Three

The tectonic layers of our lives rest so tightly
one on top of the other that we always come up
against earlier events in later ones,
not as matter that has been fully formed
and pushed aside,
but absolutely present and alive.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Reader-Part Two

... in a cell she was out of my world, out of my life.
I wanted her far away from me,
so unattainable that she could continue
as the mere memory she had become 
and remained all these years...

In every part of my life, too,
I stood outside myself and watched;
I saw myself functioning at the university,
with my parents and brother and sister and my friends,
but inwardly I felt no involvement.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Reader-Part Two

But at a certain point the memory of her stopped accompanying me wherever I went.
She stayed behind,
the way a city stays behind 
as a train pulls out of the station.

It's there, somewhere behind you,
and you could go back and make sure of it.
But why should you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Reader-Part One

When we open ourselves
you yourself to me and I myself to you,
when we submerge
you into me and I into you
when we vanish
into me you and into you I

am I me
and you are you

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Reader-Part One

It was more as if she had withdrawn into her own body,
and left it to itself and its own quiet rhythms,
unbothered by any input from her mind,
oblivious to the outside world.

... she was slowflowing, graceful, seductive
... an invitation to forget the world
in the recesses of the body.

Monday, January 12, 2009


-Hold on. I can see something in the mirror
that doesn't actually exist.

-Think of this place where writing has never been used.
How would you describe the pictures you see
the feelings you sense?