Saturday, February 19, 2011

#4 Eva

Don't destroy yourself
to punish me.
I am just trying to bridge
the gap I feel between us.
I don't intent to live
with a guilty conscience.

-What does her decision
not to see you mean to you?

-I don't know what it means.
But at some point I'll give up.
I can't fight any more.
I have done what I can.
I have made mistakes
I shouldn't have made.
I didn't mean to.
But what's done is done.
I can't change the past.

I know you want to be left in peace
so I will leave you alone.
From now on 
we'll have nothing to
do with each other, OK?


Monday, February 14, 2011

#2 Tanja

Try to learn to live without him.
When he says he's quitting the stage,
don't believe him.
He will never quit the stage.
The stage is his life.
There is no room for anything else.
And you will play a minor part
in your own life and on stage.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

#1 Jacob

It goes the wrong way.
Love should go backwards.
It should start with a broken heart.
By being left forever.
Why not just get it over with?
After that we have the blazing row
where I force you to choose.
But the next morning we wake up
and everything is OK.
We have breakfast in bed.
Stay naked till late afternoon.
And all our feelings
are superficial.
Then we fall in love.
Everything is a game.

And we focus more and more on
our preparations for the great event:
First sight.
It happens.
Suddenly there we are.
We see each other for the first time.
- "Hi."
- You say.
"Hi" I say.
And I turn around
and I've never met you.
And I am free.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Delicate crime #2

I don't need a phrase.
I need a word.
I'm a man who has always lived
life in the third person.
Until recently...
Not really long ago...
before seeing you,
hearing your words...
I was someone who lived life
in a simple manner.
I looked to the world as
someone who was immunized.
And now...
the more I try to dodge
the image of your face...
of your mouth...
the deeper it enters my soul.

Delicate crime #1

The play, scene after scene,
strips itself.
Everything becomes a frenzy of ins
and outs for the impersonation.

The actors do suffer,
but the audience suffers even more.

Falling Sky


Brooklyn (NY)

Κατι πρεπει να κανω