Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A short story

Chapter 1 in which we will meet
Jacob and his lame father, too.
And we will get to know
about their worries.
Lady Teresa will also be present.

Chapter 2 in which Jacob,
exhausted by vicious urban life,
comes to the Lord's garden and
experiences a variety of occurences.
Secret writings will be discovered, too.

Chapter 3 in which Jacob
will decide to put things in order,
he will taste of dog's insidiousness,
and meet a mysterious maiden.

Chapter 4 in which Jacob will meet
Benedikt, who wants to be a saint.
He will taste pieces of his
wisdom and learn humility.

Chapter 5 in which inexperienced Jacob
has to challenge the
traps of maternal love.
Also, a poor chicken will be made to
fall asleep by mediums of black magic.
And Jacob will not trust
what his own eyes see.

Chapter 6 in which Jacob will
not get along with lady Teresa,
he will come back to the Lord's garden
though wild wasps are around.

Chapter 7 in which Jacob is
taking care of his house
and performs some spectacular tricks.
The mysterious maiden will help him to
get back his strength and peace of mind,
by means of some healing
ants in the Lord's garden.

Chapter 8 in which Jacob will meet
a certain Jean Jacques Rousseau
and they will make a good deal.
He is also told about tragical
consequences of progress
and about wonderful
pleasures of poverty.

Chapter 9 in which Jacob and his
father will pursue a quest of knowledge.
He will suffer a transformation
of body and soul.
Various songs will be sung.

Chapter 10 in which the bodies
of Jacob and the mysterious maiden
will merge by means of a paradise fruit.
Jacob will get rid of lady
Teresa in a vile way.
He will be using fire to send mysterious
messages to the Universe.

Chapter 11 in which Jacob meets
wise Wittgenstein
and, by means of his erudite speech,
considers his own situation.

Chapter 12 in which Jacob, tortured by his
consciousness, will show understanding,
and he will heal the soul
of the mysterious maiden.

Chapter 13 in which Jacob,
cleaned, will become a tree.
He will also fight a big
battle with his father.
They'll come to a blissful reconciliation
thanks to the mysterious maiden.

Chapter 14.

Saturday, April 17, 2010